Case Study

Chase Rice - Way Down Yonder (Official Music Video)

An authentic western timepiece.

Cowboy Up.

Chase rolled up with a wild idea – he wanted the lead single from his fifth studio album to hit like a stagecoach heist. Picture this: an 1800s saloon with Chase as the rugged hero, surrounded by cowboys and outlaws.

But here's the catch- we had just about a month to whip up this Wild West piece.

Cast members? Yeah, we needed over 20 of those. Wardrobe? We weren't cutting corners – it had to be accurate af. And lastly, we needed to find a legit, straight-out-of-a-history-book Old West saloon.


We wanted to transport viewers back to the days of spurs and six-shooters, and Fort Worth was about to be our time machine.


  • Initial Creative Session with Client
  • TM Team Creative Session
  • Creative Treatment
  • Scripting/Storyboarding
  • Project Timeline Creation
  • Mood Board/Inspiration
  • Wardrobe/Costuming
  • Build Sets and Props

Buckle down.

The mission was crystal clear – prove that when people who care come together, top-notch quality is the only option.

We didn't waste a second. We scouted a location that had history oozing out of its boards – the Stockyards were our stage. We roped in folks who'd tamed the old-west roles before – no rookie business here. And the crew? Well, let's just say it was like assembling the Justice League of video production.

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  • Set Design & Props
  • Pre-Lighting
  • Equipment Management
  • BTS Video & Photo
  • Wardrobe & Styling

We had to get it in one shot.

Tackling a single-shot video is all about prep, prep, and yeah, you guessed it – more prep.

In a matter of hours, one room morphed into an 1800s saloon, a canvas of imagination and nostalgia. Every piece of furniture, each spec of fake dust, even those sneaky fake walls played their part. Our lighting squad did their magic, setting the stage for what was about to unfold. We fine-tuned wardrobe, ran through rehearsals, and gave it our all with 20 attempts to capture that flawless shot.



  • Editing of Footage
  • Color-Grade
  • Custom Title Design

The final video was due within a mere 24 hours.

But guess what? Our pre-production process paid off in the post-process. Sure, it meant burning the midnight oil after the cameras stopped rolling, but that's just part of the creative hustle.

The team worked their magic, adding sound design that whispered secrets to the frames, title design and professional color. And then, like the calm after a wild rodeo, we were done. We hung up our hats, virtually speaking, and rode off into the digital sunset.

Final Deliverables

We made it to New York Times Square baby!

  • Full Music Video
  • Music Video Trailer 
  • Pre-save Billboard Promo 
  • Social Cut Downs
  • Single Cover Photography
  • Single Cover Design
  • BTS Photos & Video

Music Video

Single Cover


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