Case Study

Chase Rice - Way Down Yonder (Official Music Video)

An authentic western timepiece.

Cowboy Up.

Chase wanted to make a statement with the lead single from his fifth studio album. The concept would feature an 1800's saloon filled with cowboys and outlaws with Chase as our hero.

The song and video were planned to release in about a month so a lot of work needed to be done.

We needed to find 20+ cast members, an accurate wardrobe, and an old western saloon. We were going to film in Fort Worth, Texas - this needed to be authentic.


Where do you find an authentic 1800's western saloon?


  • Initial Creative Session with Client
  • TM Team Creative Session
  • Creative Treatment
  • Scripting/Storyboarding
  • Project Timeline Creation
  • Mood Board/Inspiration
  • Wardrobe/Costuming
  • Build Sets and Props

Set 'em up.

A quick deadline for the final video was an opportunity to show how much can get done with a motivated team of talented people that care about making a quality video.

Pre-production was rapid-paced and detailed. We found a location in the Stockyards with history, sourced talent with experience playing old-west roles, and a put together a top-tier crew. There were flurries of creative meetings that helped us build the full creative treatment and storyboards. Well before it was time to film, everyone knew exactly how the final video would look and feel.

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  • Set Design & Props
  • Pre-Lighting
  • Equipment Management
  • BTS Video & Photo
  • Wardrobe & Styling

We had to get it in one shot.

A single-shot video requires prep, prep, and more prep.

The day before the shoot, one room of our location was cleared of all modernity and transformed into our 1800s saloon with furniture, decor, fake walls, dust, and more. The lighting crew put everything in place to finish our set. The day of filming was filled with wardrobe adjustments, rehearsals, and 20 attempts to get this one shot perfect.



  • Editing of Footage
  • Color-Grade
  • Custom Title Design

The final video was due within 24 hours.

Good planning meant a smooth post-process (even though it meant staying up late after filming).

The team added sound design, and slowed down two parts of the video, and matched the music,. The final title design was layered over the footage and the whole thing got a professional color grade to finish out the look. The team breathed a sigh of relief and rode our horses back home for a well-deserved rest.

Final Deliverables

We made it to New York Times Square baby!

  • Full Music Video
  • Music Video Trailer 
  • Pre-save Billboard Promo 
  • Social Cut Downs
  • Single Cover Photography
  • Single Cover Design
  • BTS Photos & Video

Music Video

Single Cover


Behind-the-Scenes Video