We're A Team Of Visual Makers.

Everyone On Our Team Is Multi-Talented And Brings Something Special To The Table.

We're directors, producers, professional videographers, lifestyle photographers, editors, writers, creatives...we can't be put into a box and we want it that way.

Photo of Dustin McLaughlin, Co-Founder

Dustin McLaughlin


As Head of Creative, Dustin brings over a decade of industry experience. He is responsible for driving Twelve Midnight’s vision and inspiring the entire team to deliver exceptionally imaginative and strategic work.

Photo of AJ Aiello, Co-Founder

AJ Aiello


I’m an artist whose specialty is starting new projects and ‘finishing them later.’ I’m obsessed with movies (what up sci-fi), live music, and Mavs basketball.

Photo of Chloe Gonzales, Creative Director

Chloe Gonzales

Creative Director

Meet Chloe, the face behind our brand and client work. With an eye for design, a natural sense of creativity, and a talent for giving direction, she leads our creative strategy while making sure our brand image is consistently seamless.

Photo of Dylan Wallis, Director of Photography

Dylan Wallis

Director of Photography

Dylan is the genius behind the lens. He takes our ideas and brings them to life on screen. His technical knowledge, killer eye for art, and leadership is instrumental in bringing our visions to life.

Photo of Alex Prudic-Dennis, Senior Motion Designer

Alex Prudic-Dennis

Senior Motion Designer

From dynamic title sequences to mesmerizing animations, Alex's work adds a layer of magic to our projects. With a knack for pushing boundaries and a passion for crafting visual experiences, Alex is the driving force behind our motion designs and visual effects.

Photo of Todd Luther, Associate Producer

Todd Luther

Associate Producer

Todd ensures that every detail through out a production is meticulously managed. Whether it's coordinating schedules, chatting it up with talent, or making sure everything (and everyone) runs like clockwork on set, Todd is the glue that holds it all together.

Photo of John Warder, Senior Video Editor

John Warder

Senior Video Editor

Homegrown Texan with a hint of Cali. I’m a fierce competitor on board game night & enjoy rooting for Texas sports… especially the Longhorns. I love jumping into new projects and finding where I can leave my mark to tell a good story.

Photo of Carrigan Sales, Graphic Designer

Carrigan Sales

Graphic Designer

Stacking her knowledge of typography, package design, and branding, Carrigan adds the cherry on top of every project. Her designs are both aesthetically pleasing and strategically thought out. Trust us when we say, she can make anything look good...

Photo of Jewel Jefferies-Noel, Account Manager

Jewel Jefferies-Noel

Account Manager

Jewel is our Queen of To-Do Lists and keeps everyone on track. With her sharp eye for detail and a natural talent for effortless communication, Jewel ensures everything flows smoothly between clients and our team.