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My Fed Benefits - Armchair Expert Animation

Don't do ordinary.

It starts with an idea.

When you see a well done animation, it seems simple and seamless, but our team of animators ideate, sketch, design, animate and render until their brains explode.

Employee benefits can be fresh and exciting.

MyFedBenefits used to send out millions of paper mailers to get their message across. They wanted to move to the digital age because everyone knows snail mail is not sustainable. Now, by animating that messaging they are able to have a more effective reach.


Animation is a really, really effective way to get your message across.


  • Initial Discovery Call with Client
  • TWLV Team Creative Session
  • General Creative Direction Pitch
  • Project Timeline Creation
  • Mood Board/Inspiration
  • Scripting/Storyboarding
  • Art Style Creation
  • Style Frames for Client Approval of Scenes
  • The Whole Shabang

Stand out from the other folks.

It’s easy to talk to 50-60 year olds about personal finances and benefits; the challenge that MyFedBenefits faced was to reach the people in their 20s-40s.

We put on our hardhats and dug deep. Ultimately, we looked outside the industry for inspiration. We asked friends and family what was important to them, did market research, decided on a humorous tone, and explored art styles. Our main character design went through so many changes, he probably thought he hit puberty.

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  • Generating/Combining 2D and 3D Elements
  • Animation/Motion
  • Professional Voiceover
  • SFX and Sound Design
  • Licensed Music Selection

Get moving.

An art style was put in place: a "mixed media" blend of 2D and 3D elements. We stuck with brand colors and a straight forward color palette.

Once the designs were done we made them move. Partnered with a killer voiceover and sound design, this thing came to life.

Final Deliverables

With all our clients we don't just rinse and repeat.

The MFB team now had three 30 second videos. Each one spoke to a different persona with a different specific problem. They also had 15 second and 6 second versions of each to use across other platforms with paid media. To finish out the project, we included stills from scenes of each video to complete their digital campaign assets. In total we delivered nearly 30 assets.

30 - Second Spot - "Scrubs"

30 - Second Spot - "Scrubs"

30 - Second Spot - "Scrubs"