Case Study

Western Son Vodka - Make It Yours

From storyboards to the real deal.

We know the process.

Our team of makers are no strangers to the production process. From scripting and storyboarding, to production and post, we do it all. Whether it’s a brand advertisement, a music video, a documentary, or just social content, we got you.

From concept to creation we made this project ours.

After more than a month of work on the concept, we dialed in the creative, immersing ourselves in all things Western Son. Then came the group efforts of 25 different individuals, over the course of two days, at two different locations to help bring this project to life.


Our storyboards helped the client and team understand the exact vision.


Initial Creative Session with Client

  • TM Team Creative Session
  • General Creative Direction Pitch
  • Project Timeline Creation
  • Mood Board/Inspiration
  • Scripting/Storyboarding
  • Location Scouting
  • VFX Research & Development

We went all out on the details.

After presenting three concepts to the Western Son team, we took their favorite and ran with it.

From mood board to treatment to storyboards and location scouting, talent sourcing, and gathering crew, our pre-production was complete.

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  • Challenges (weather, distance, amount of time)
  • Set Design
  • Wardrobe/Styling
  • Team
  • Location
  • Characters
  • BTS Video & Photo

A challenge always allows us to explore our creativity.

Through the heat and rain- production day was no easy task.

After we were able to set up, wrangle our extras into place and do final touch-ups on the talent, our race against the sun got underway. The second day had its own obstacles to overcome, the brunt of it being a heavy downpour going on through load-in and sporadic rain throughout the day.

From Squeaky shoes, to foggy doors and clanging bottles our production team was able to adapt to the problems and work around them.



  • Editing off Footage
  • Color-Grade
  • Visual Effects 
  • Transition Effect
  • Sound Design

It was time to cut this thing.

We got back into the storyboards and assembled the footage.

After we were pleased with the cut, we added VFX, special transitions, and sound design to immerse the audience in the storyline. Once all of that was final, we hit the color lab.

Final Deliverables

We’re known for our quality work and short supporting content.

For this project, we delivered a 45-second final cut as well as a 30-second, 15-second and 6-second cut downs and 10 still images to provide a full campaign for release.


  • Full-Length Video Ad
  • Promotional Video Cutdowns & GIFs
  • Promotional Photos
  • BTS/Set Photo

Full-Length Video

15 Second Cut Down



BTS Photos