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TX Whiskey - Online Store Photography

First impressions matter

Go for more than just ordinary.

Whether you’re looking for brand, portrait, or product photography, we have the creative team to execute.

TX Whiskey was ready to give their online store a new look so they came to us to make it happen.

By adding a backdrop with a touch of color, dimension, and texture, the products are now showcased in a much more elevated way.


Our challenge was to bring the TX store to life by adding different colors, textures, and elements into the photos.


  • Initial creative session with client
  • TM Team creative session
  • General creative direction pitch
  • Project timeline creation
  • Mood Board/Inspiration
  • Creative Development
  • Build Sets and Props

We put a plan in place.

We had a long road ahead of us, but we came prepared.

Our team developed a concept and treatment to help visualize the ideas. After a few meetings, a truck full of TX products, and a few trips to Home Depot, our team was ready to tackle this project.

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  • Crew
  • Set Design
  • Lighting
  • Equipment Management
  • BTS Video & Photo

130 products is a lot.

Three days in the studio, three different sets, twelve hour work days, and a crew of six, our team brought the concepts to life.

To put some clarity on what photographing an entire store consists of, let’s talk numbers. There were 130 different items, small and big. Everything had to be set up and lit differently. That took 36 hours. With detailed images, we had around 400+ final images which means we had to edit and retouch all 400+ images



  • File Organization
  • Basic Editing
  • Detail Touch Ups
  • Photoshop Alterations
  • Package and Deliver all files

We go above and beyond.

We could have done a white background and called it a day, but that’s boring.

Now when you come to their website, you have a great first impression of the store. TX holds a high standard for their whiskey and they needed photos to match. After all, first impressions are everything.

Final Deliverables

With all our clients We don't just click a button.

We provided 400+ Edited Images, primary photos,  secondary detailed, photos, and behind the scenes on set photography.

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